Driving Tips

Are you an aggressive driver?

Name Symptoms Remedy 1 Obsessing about slow traffic “At this rate we’ll never get there” , “I feel like I’m going backwards” , “Now I’m stuck behind this slow driver” etc. Leave earlier; Give up getting there on time; Distract yourself with radio or music; Admire the scenery; Practice yoga breathing 2 Feeling... [Read More]

Driving Etiquette

Here are some simple Rules of the Road to remember the next time you go out: When driving, pay attention to the task at hand Do not stay in the left lane if you are going slower than the traffic to your right If you are not passing another car, remain in the right lane(s) If a car is approaching from the rear, flashing its lights, move over as... [Read More]

Driving Tips for New Drivers

21 Smart Driving Tips for New Drivers: You’re biggest risk of having a bad accident is within the first two years of you passing your driving test. Follow these hints and you can reduce this risk. After passing your test it will be strange to find an empty front passenger seat. The first time you drive take someone with you for support. Think... [Read More]


Hydroplaning is perhaps one of the most terrifying things that can take place to any driver short of being engaged in a major collision. There you are, cruising along at fifty or sixty miles per hour in the rain, and all of a sudden your car is out of control. Several drivers don’t have a clue as to why their car abruptly ceased to respond to... [Read More]

Ten Ways to Save on Gas

1) Keep starts and stops smooth. Nailing the pedal to the floor in “jackrabbit starts” wastes gas. Abrupt stops also waste fuel—and cause extra wear and tear. 2) Perform routine car care. Dirty air filters and oil filters, worn spark plugs, neglected oil changes and problems with the emission-control system can reduce fuel economy. Change your... [Read More]

Driving Tips for Mom’s-to-Be

With all of the excitement surrounding moms-to-be, transportation is the least of the worries, however driving while pregnant can be a very uncomfortable situation. Here are tips to new and expectant mothers for safe and comfortable car rides. Many pregnant women may find driving to be less than comfortable, worrying if their belly is too close to the... [Read More]

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